Exercise? But I am going on Vacation!

Yes, you should even exercise on vacation. I always tell our patients that exercise should be looked at as mandatory, not optional.

Would you say you can’t sleep or eat on vacation? Probably not, right? So, why say you can’t exercise?

When you are on vacation, you may simply have to change the way your normally exercise. Nowadays, most, if not all, hotels have a gym on site and, guess what? We pay a hotel fee upon check in that is in part for this service. If we don’t use the gym, then we are paying for something we are not even using.

There are a few places that may not have a gym on site. This would be rental homes or time shares, possibly.

Well, have no fear! We have a workout you can do without a gym or dumbbells or expensive and large equipment. What most people don’t know is that we have the best piece of equipment ever that can be used pretty much anywhere: OUR BODIES!

Yes, you can obtain a wonderful workout with nothing except your body and maybe some exercise bands.

So even though you are on vacation, your heart, muscles, bones, blood flow, etc. are not! So, let’s exercise so that we don’t feel like, “oh I fell off the wagon and need to start all over” after a wonderful well deserved family or solo vacation!

Below you will find a full body exercise program you can follow while on vacation and it can be accomplished in under 15-30 minutes! Before you begin, decide if you would like to do each exercise by time or by repetitions. If you choose time, set a time for 1 minute each exercise, if you choose reps. Do 15 reps switch to next exercise. When you finish 1 round of each then you can repeat 2-3 times.










Ceiling reaches (core)

Hip abduction (hip muscles)

Bicep Curl


Bridge (core and gluts)








Shoulder flexion






Side Plank  (30 seconds each side) Regular plank (hold 30-60 sec.)











front view







Scapular squeezes (shoulder blades)








toe raises

There you have it! A solid full body strengthening exercise program that you can do even on vacation. There are a total of 9 exercises so lets say you plan to do each exercise for 1 minute, you will be finished in less than 10 minutes and if you repeat each 2-3 times you will have completed a full body exercise in less than 30 minutes. You will have plenty of time to get back to that fun vacation and relaxation with the ease of mind knowing that you did a great work out.

I know exercise is the last thing you want to do while on vacation, however it is important to stay on track at all times because getting back on track can be a challenge. Falling off the wagon is not only difficult physically but emotionally it can take a toll.

Starting the exercise is the most difficult thing to do, but once you start that is it!  It also feels so amazing when you are finished. Its a sense of accomplishment.

So, before vacation, just like you buy a new swim suit for the beach or travel kits for personal hygiene, don’t forget to purchase some affordable and perfectly pack-able exercise tubes/bands.

I’d love to hear how your vacation workout worked for you, so please leave me a comment or any questions. Enjoy your Vaca!!